Student Testimonials

James Biggs

Overall, I am very happy to have taken Fundamentals of Transportation and Logistics. Being in the industry for 15 years I found it to be a great refresher for me. I also learned quite a bit as well. Inventory valuation was beneficial as well as some warehouse aspects. This was a great review for me and I took in some valuable lessons as well.

To reiterate, I am very satisfied with the course I just completed. I found it very beneficial to my career. I very much look forward to taking additional courses to attain CLP status.

Lastly, I wish I would have started this program offered by ILM a number of years ago! 


Jeffrey Wendt, CLP 

The certification I received from your Institute was what jump started me to the levels I have attained and to my future plans on getting my Ph. D. 

Thanks for your help. 


Sir Jeffrey Banana, CPIN-CSCP-CLP-LSSL 

I was promoted to Senior Logistics Coordinator . . . . . . having a certification from your fine institution helped me a great deal. I will be playing a key role in Air Operations on this project going forward. 

Thank you for pushing me to put forward a better effort! 


Capt. Whitfield, McGuire Air Force Base, NJ 

I would love to talk about my experience at ILM. I truly attest to the great support I received since I am always deploying or some other mission requirement as I am doing now. It’s the support I receive from ILM that has allowed me to continue pursing my Logistics Education developing in my profession. 


Jonathan F. Winterling, Penske, Senior Buyer 

I just gave the school a plug by telling the President of Penske Truck Leasing what a quality education I received there, I knew that you would not mind. 


Joe Payne, CLP, CHEP Pallet Inc. Birmingham AL 

As part of my career growth, I have taken some classes which have helped me acquire more skill and knowledge for my chosen field. Most recently, I attended The Institute of Logistical Management where I obtained the distinction of Certified Logistics Practitioner. This includes certifications in Global Logistics Management, Warehousing Management, Business Logistics Principles, Transportation Systems, Transportation Principles, with training in Six Sigma, Lean, ISO9000 and Safety. ILM has been very supportive and helpful as I continue to grow my career development. ILM, are awesome resources and I recommend them to anyone in the logistics, transportation, warehouse management fields. I have a BBA in Logistics, Farmington University, and AS in Liberal Arts, Jefferson State Community College. I am a member or the American Society of Quality, The Society of Industry Leaders, and several other Industry organizations. 


Nemiah E. Bryant, MBA, CLP, CSCP, Branch Banking & Trust Co 

I wanted to let you know that I received the Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) designation from APICS. 

Any ILM students or graduates can feel very confident that the CLP course of study will prepare them for other supply chain certifications and logistics education. The CSCP exam is a very difficult exam, and I don't believe I could have received a passing score if it was not for the training I received from ILM. 

Thanks for working so hard in keeping ILM at the forefront in logistics education! 


Sidney DeLemos, Customs Affairs Supervisor, Schenker, SA, Germinston, South Africa 

I enjoyed the course exceptionally, sitting half way around the globe I felt apprehensive at first but as soon as I received my course material, I knew I made the right decision. Thank you, ILM! 


Bernie Boucher, CLP, Major US Army (Ret.), Booz, Allen, Hamilton

"As far as ILM's program, I've attended logistical seminars at MIT, Northwestern University and the United States Merchant Marine Academy and found that your program is at the cutting edge in presenting the key "Best Practices" associated with logistics today. Bottomline. . . Any logistician who considers themselves a true professional and desires to be at the forefront of logistics today must complete ILM's certification program." 


Timothy Hoerz, 11th Military Police Battalion, US Army, Ft. Hood TX 76544 

"In a nutshell, ILM has the most organized, simplest enrollment procedures, and the most personally involved organization that I have had the opportunity to work with. ILM responds quickly to enrollment procedures, mailing materials, answering questions and grading lessons. I have attended 3 traditional colleges and enrolled in 3 different correspondence colleges. ILM is by far the best educational provider." 

P.S. – Tim Hoerz, has retired from the Military, and has more recently received his Ph.D.


Sherri Knape - Transportation Executive, Waste Management Inc.

Ms.Sherri Knape graduated from the Institute of Logistical Management as a CLP-Certified Logistics Practitioner. Currently she serves in the leadership role as Manager of Transportation and Logistics for Waste Management’s Western Group. 

Sherri has 16 years of experience in the Transportation and Logistics Industry. She also is a member of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals and a member of Waste Management’s Women’s Professional Network. Sherri was named ILM’s Outstanding Graduate for her exceptional Academic and Professional Achievements, after receiving her CLP.

“The curriculum at ILM is right on track. I ‘live’ transportation day in and day out, and I found that each CLP course strengthened my understanding of the strategies and practices I use in my management career every day. 


King R Hufford III, CLP, Vice President/General Manager

I wanted to take a moment to extend my thanks and appreciation to you and the staff at ILM. I enjoyed my enrollment period there and found the staff always pleasant to work with. I always found the Staff very helpful and responsive. I also always enjoyed your feedback and perspectives on subject matter and quiz/test results. The knowledge and completion attained with ILM will be absolutely an enhancement to my career. I have been in the transportation industry for 27 years and found these courses of study very current and practicable. It has been information which keeps one abreast of what is happening in logistics today. I wish all of you the best and look forward to any future interactions with ILM. 


Victor Wittke, CLP  

It is a privilege to be able to tell you about my experience learning what I did and earning my CLP from ILM. What I gleened from ILM was much, much more than an education in logistics; because of the inexhaustive tutelage afforded me I was also able to grow in ways I had never known I was missing. My fears of not understanding, of missing the point, of perhaps getting it wrong were placated time after time by the way ILM was able to simply ascertain the facts. For example, ILM would ask a question such as "did you read the section?: It was then obvious that had I indeed read the section that I should know the answer and with ILM’s ability to reframe the question I never failed to understand after our conversation. The encouragement, guidance, assistance and total understanding of my needs were met beyond words, and there is nowhere I look now that I don't see logistics at work. 

I am currently a CDL instructor for a local CDL school and have also received my license as State Examiner because of my education at ILM and couldn't be more grateful for everything . . . everything!, I was taught and the fashion in which I was. Thank you. 


Frank Marciniak, CLP, Director of Operations - Coca Cola Bottling Co. 

I'd just like to express my support for the Institute of Logistical Management. 

For the last two (2) years my experience at the ILM has opened my eyes (out of the box thinking) to a more Global approach to business. 

The Institute offers a flexible schedule for a working professional, offering a very real world curriculum. 

"CLP", just a small part of the experience. 


Lillian Membo, Nairobi, Kenya 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the assistance and understanding that you accorded me when undertaking my course in Business Logistics Principles. I did get my certificate and I have to admit it was one of the most exciting moments in my life to hold that certificate in my hand! It got me a promotion and a pay raise. 

I have therefore decided not to stop there but to go ahead with other courses that your institution has to offer. 

Once again thank you for your help and I am looking forward in further learning with you. 


Jeff Woods, A.A.S.,A.P.P.,B.S.,C.A.M.H.,C.B.,C.B.M.,C.L.P,C.T.L.

As a graduate of ILM having obtained the Certified Logistics Practitioner (CLP) designation. I can appreciate the method of instruction. ILM was my first exposure to the total transportation picture from production to final delivery. The staff at ILM was always at my call and worked with my issues. I recommend ILM wholeheartedly. 


Thomas C. D'Agostino, Military Sealift Command, Charleston, SC 29406 

"I cannot say enough good things about ILM's CLP Certification Program. The depth and breadth of the subject areas covered are indicative of ILM's dedication to the logistics professional. Each subject was covered completely and thoroughly. I particularly enjoyed the final exam format, which challenged the student's knowledge of key subject areas. 

I am a certified member with many other certification organizations, but my CLP from ILM is the one I am most proud of. Keep up the good work! Please let me know when new courses become available." 


Tom Ranco, CLP, Independent Transportation Consultant, Montreal, Quebec Canada 

What wonderful news! Thanks to everyone for their support in helping me earn the CLP Certificate.  It is by far the most exciting and rewarding achievement that I have ever received in transportation and logistics education. I look forward to taking additional courses from ILM and will use the course credits toward a BS/BA degree.  


Horace Jennings, Jr. (U.S. Army, Ret.) 

I have had so many opportunities come my way. It has been a blessing for sure. Being a Certified Logistics Practitioner has helped me in my career path. Thank you and your staff for all you have done for me. It's true "ILM does put the LOGIC in Logistics."