Industry Practitioner Certification Tracks


An industry Practitioner is someone who is qualified or registered to practice a particular occupation or profession,. This includes a high degree of demonstrated expertise in industry best practices, internal and external processes, internal and external operating models, and overall activity integration and efficiency. An practitioner is a hands on performer who owns the success of a specific organization function through the definition of a subject area, systemic actions that improve the most critical elements of their field of specialization, and the ability to create environments where improvement is both possible and measured.

Each ILM course concludes with a certificate of completion issued under the authority of our national accreditation. Additionally, each certification track, which includes several ILM courses, builds to a specific measurable set of skills demonstrated through the achievement of certification backed by ILM's ninety (90+) year history in logistics markets.

ILM Practitioner certification tracks are 6 courses in length and focus on the details of logistics or over riding concepts of the supply chain.

Entry requirements for ILM courses includes: 

  1. No prerequisites, except all Students must have a minimum of High School Diploma or Equivalent and will be allowed 6 months to complete each course except the first course LOG100 which is only available online and must be completed in 8 weeks. ILM will need verification of the high school diploma, or, recognizing that many mid-career professionals might not have easy access to a copy of their high school records, a copy of any transcript for any course or program where the diploma was part of the entry criteria (i.e. a college course) or employment verification by an organization for a position requiring a high school diploma as a requirement.
  2. CLP and SCP must have 3 years Industry experience prior to conferring award and must be completed in 3 years.
  3. Analyst Course Certification or less must have at least 1 year experience prior to conferring award and must be completed in 2 years.
  4. No experience to merely take a single course prior to conferring award.
  5. All students may elect to complete the course work in less time than allowed. Course work is independently paced by the student and the school will always accommodate the speed of the student. 
  6. Students taking the Final Exam, are required to arrange for a local academic institution, i.e. a high school or community college, or the Human Resources Department of their employer, to proctor the Final Exam and return it to ILM.

Certified Logistics Practitioner (CLP)

6 courses - The expression “Knowledge is Power” takes on greater importance when such knowledge can be applied to “Real World” decisions in Transportation, Logistics and Supply Chain.  Since 1923 ILM and it’s predecessors have singularly focused on teaching the exceptional skills required to plan and execute the movement of freight, by all modes, both domestically and globally.  As a CLP, a student joins an elite group of logistics individuals who can demonstrate broad Logistics leadership and outstanding competency.  As an Accredited School, ILM has consistently been included among the very finest schools and universities in America providing Supply Chain/Logistics programs.  Depending on your particular academic and professional focus, the Certified Logistics Practitioner Program (CLP) reflects the highest level of academic achievement granted by ILM to enable all students to gain future career success while applying practical skills and knowledge on-the-job now. 

Certified Supply Chain Practitioner (SCP)

6 Courses - Gain professional recognition by expanding your knowledge and skills for upward career mobility in Logistics, transportation and supply chain.  Achieve the Supply Chain Practitioner Certification while earning 18 recommended college-level academic credits.  Increase your knowledge of the entire Supply Chain Process, while simultaneously specializing in the opportunities to increase your overall capabilities in Business Logistics Strategies, Inventory principles that will enable you to eliminate absolute inventory and reduce costs, along with ILM’s proprietary course in Information Technology in Supply Chain and Logistics, not available in book stores or college campuses. Depending on your particular academic and professional focus, the Certified Supply Chain Practitioner Program (CSP) reflects the highest level of academic achievement granted by ILM to enable all students to gain future career success while applying practical skills and knowledge on-the-job now.