Academic Excellence Since 1923, Environment Friendly Logistics Forever

The Institute of Logistical management (ILM) has been providing high-quality education for over 91 years. Its predecessor institution was founded in 1923 as the prominent law school graduating students eligible to sit for the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) bar exam to become ICC law practitioners. In 1951, the college published the legal guide Transportation and Traffic Management. This publication was found in nearly every law office in the United States. By 1976, this legal guide contained 1,700 pages in four volumes with a total of fourteen editions.

2,500 companies, government agencies, railroads, motor carriers and freight forwarders have hired many of our 100,000 PLUS alumni of the Institute of Logistical Management.

As the world’s oldest Logistics Distance Learning School (since 1923), we are proud to offer a practical approach to college level courses in Logistics, Transportation and Education.

ILM’s mission is an Accredited distance education/online institution that offers Logistics Programs to adults who wish to learn while they earn. We offer high quality, cost-effective, self-paced Professional Certification in Transportation, Logistics and Supply Chain to enable students to ultimately achieve preeminent competency in leadership roles in the Global Logistics Industry.

ILM is a division of the Colorado Based Not for Profit William Loveland College, located in Loveland Colorado.